Don’t Be Anxious
My child, do not be anxious.  I know not knowing what will be can be trying, let My peace fill you today. Do not try to plan for something you don’t know what you need to plan for, it expends needless energy and causes unrest. When the unknown becomes known then you will be able to make plans with facts in hand and a direction to go.
Let’s Talk Awhile
Come closer, sit awhile and talk with Me. Do not be afraid of what I might say, even when I need to bring correction it’s from My heart of love for you, and your own best interest. It may be hard to let some things go but you have to release them in order to take hold of the better things I have for you. I always desire good for you, which is why what the enemy meant for harm – I turn it around for good in the end. You can trust Me, come – sit closer, let’s talk awhile.
Living God
Draw to Me and I will draw to you. I am not a god made of wood and stone who does not hear or speak. I am the living God who hears your heart cry, whispers in the night, the tears you shed, and the laughter that escapes your lips; I know all things and the way that is best for you to go. As you seek Me I will be found for there is no place you go where I am not. I take delight when you come to talk with me in the middle of the night or at noon day, when you set aside the time to spend it with me.  I know the questions and answers you seek, I’m glad you bring them to me and not look for the answers elsewhere, for I alone know all things, know all truth, and the deeper things you seek. When I seem silent do not despair or give up, continue your pursuit of Me – to know and understand my ways, you will find the answers and the richness of a relationship with me.
Focus on Me
As you pause to focus on Me I become more clear, My ways not as mysterious; your heart begins to understand Mine, there is a deeper spirit communication that transcends mere words. I want to be known not as a myth or fairy-tale but as the Living God – I Am. As you explore My word and seek my face I will become more real to you than your own breath; let Me breathe upon you, don’t be shy or afraid, in Me and My presence is what you have been longing for. Be still and know that I am who I say I am.
Forever Faithful
You are My love, the reason I gave My life. I am and will be, always faithful to you. When you are afraid look at Me, I am right beside you, move closer under the shelter of my wings; hear my heart – it beats with love and care for you. Let me be your strength when you are weak, I will lift you up to stand and take each step with you. I am forever faithful, not just today but every day, not just in this moment but in every moment.
Draw Near
Don’t be afraid to draw near to Me, I am not an angry God, a God of justice – yes, But I am also a God of love, mercy and grace. I have peace, I am peace. Come before me with boldness knowing that you come before a throne of grace and mercy; I will receive you, as a loving Father, into my presence.
Love Them
Love…wear it on your sleeve, don’t worry about your heart – I will protect it. The world is looking for love, many in the wrong places as they do not find it in the right ones. Love…love them with My love, love as I love, there is nothing greater or more powerful than love, it breaks down walls and melts hardened stony hearts; Love…it’s what My kingdom is made of. Don’t just say you love…show it; express it with your face, actions, and thoughts. Love…it’s what the world needs and desires, love is who I am, what I am…let it be the same with you.
Wait Expectantly
What do you wait for, is it Me? Those who wait on Me do not wait in vain. How long will you wait to hear Me or see the move of My hand? You do not wait in vain; wait with an expectancy, full of faith unwavering, and you shall surely see My glory.
Take Me
It’s a new day and I’m right here, don’t leave Me on the shelf as you walk out the door; I’ll do you no good left there. Let’s do this day together, I’ve got great plans. Ready?
Why do you strive so hard in your mind – by your will, to hear Me, listen and hear with your heart. A cluttered mind has difficulty hearing, as does a spirit in unrest. Let My peace fill you, in the quiet place you can hear Me better.  
Want to Hear
Do you really want to hear from Me? There is a cost to such intimacy, an openness – openness brings vulnerability, some consider vulnerability to be a weakness; the world teaches that weakness is an undesirable character flaw. In My value system, in your weakness My strength can be seen, your vulnerability allows me to come in, your openness lets Me use you as I desire, in the place of intimacy you hear the sound of My voice and know Me – it changes who you are. Do you really want to hear Me?
Truly Live
Let your hunger for Me surpass all hungers, for in Me all else will be satisfied. Let your appetite for righteousness grow and never be quenched. Feast on the Bread of Life and Living Water, and live – truly live.
No Access
Windows, doors, and other openings left ajar for the enemy to enter is a tragedy; he is no gentleman – he enters to steal, Kill, and destroy. One must be careful to keep their dealings in life true, pure, lovely, of good report, honest, just, and virtuous, doing so will not allow the adversary free access into your life.
Character means a lot to Me, without good character there is a wider door of opportunity to stumble, to be brought down, to have a moral failure. Developing good character in private and public is essential, as is allowing Me to bring to light hidden secrets, heart wounds, and issues that need to be dealt with so that none is a hindrance or stumbling block. Living an overcoming life, a victorious life, is a great witness to those in darkness; it gives hope to the struggling, is a testimony of My goodness and desire for all to be healed [emotionally]and set free; it speaks of the good plans I have for My children.
Take heart, I will give you the strength you need for each day. Take your rest in Me, don’t be anxious – I will see you through. I never said there would not be trials, temptations, or attacks, but as your focus is on Me they will not overcome you.
Obedience is what I desire above sacrifices. I desire willing vessels ready at a moment’s notice to by My instrument, to speak My words, to take an action; ready Minutemen. For individuals to be watchmen on the wall looking for what I am doing, ready to relay the information to those waiting and wanting to know, the ones who will take action.
Those who are apathetic, spiritually asleep, who have closed their eyes or looked away will miss out on My greatest move. Awaken O’ slumbering ones, awaken, arouse from your slumber, wipe the sleep from your eyes and clean out your ears, it is a time for vigilance, a time of preparation.
Come to Me
What are you looking for? What’s your desire? What’s your need? You won’t find complete fulfillment looking around you – look up. Look up and set your eyes on Me, I am the only one who can fulfill you. Don’t be afraid of coming to Me, of letting Me inside, of letting Me have your hurts and fears. I will replace them with love, joy, freedom; with more than you can imagine. It’s time to move beyond the past and move into the future.
Harken and listen to the sound of My calling. I am calling you forth out of obscurity, out of complacency. As your heart is set on Me see what I will do in you and the impact that will be on those around you; life will spring forth, hunger and desire will grow for Me once more.
Eternal Ripple
Don’t strive for anything that only has momentary fame or brings vain glory to yourself; beauty will fade and another will rise to greater heights. Seek those things that will have eternal impacts, touch lives that can touch lives then watch the ripple effect grow – it will be beyond fathomable measure. I will multiply what is done for Me even though you may be unaware of it happening.
Inside Out
Let beauty and grace not just be an outside show but emanate from deep within. Do not forget Whose you are, you are of royal lineage; My spirit dwells within you, let it do a perfect work inside and shine through to the outside.
Doors Open
The doors are open come on in. I am always happy to see you, sit with Me for a while, lay down your cares, set the busyness aside and just be with Me. Remember the day we first met and you invited Me in – I do; it was a special day and heaven rejoiced. It has been an adventure since that first day and we’re only getting started. Take My hand and let’s continue on, more awaits.
You do not need to fear what is ahead; fear is from the enemy to try and stop you. My word is go, but don’t go it alone – take Me with you. I know the way, the pitfalls, and undertows, I will guide you through.
Never Quit
Those with listening ears continually seeking to hear  – will hear. Those knocking will have a door opened. Never quit praying for or pursuing what I have laid on your heart or promised you in My word. The faithful shall see My faithfulness in the fullness of time.
Do not fear the storms (difficult times), I know the clouds look black and threatening; let My love and peace fill you in turbulent times, and at all times, so you can face the storms of life with strength and power, and soundness of mind – which will allow you to be a beacon of hope and encouragement to others. Some things are lost in the storms while other are brought forth but not seen until the storm is past. Keep your eyes on Me and your hope alive.
Are you Ready? I am!
I’m not going to barge in – I am waiting for your invitation. How much of My presence do you want? A trickle, a brief feel good moment, or a sustained outpouring? The choice is yours; I wait for your unified invitation. 
Joy and Strength
I am your joy and your strength. They come from knowing Me and being in fellowship, a deep communion, with Me. I invite you to know Me more intimately, to know My heart, to understand My ways. To know who you are through My eyes, to see yourself as I do – through my eyes of love for you. You were not just an afterthought or mistake, but one I thought extensively about before your being was formed; I took delight in you then and I still do today. You were no accident, I desired you and planned for you and wanted to have a relationship with you, then and now; come – let knowing Me and My love for you be your source of joy and strength.
Sit with Me
It is special to Me when you take the time to sit with Me, to have fellowship. It is what I desired from the beginning of creation, for My children to willingly come and spend time with Me, not to get but just to be with Me as the One they love, to have a heart to heart time with.
Dive Deep
Posturing yourself to hear Me is a good thing, the proud and haughty typically do not receive My invitation to talk, yet those who are meek and humble wait in anticipation desiring to hear, desiring to dialogue with Me; to them I am their strength, their guide, their hope, their love, and their God. They recognize their need for a relationship with Me. They know where their help comes from and seeks my counsel and wisdom. Not all who claim to be Mine truly know Me; to some I am simply fire insurance, to others I am life – present and eternal. Each of their own free will chooses, some ignore Me declining my invitation – ignoring My knock or tug on their hearts, while some open but remain superficial – only allowing Me just inside; still others dive deep – surrendering all and find the abundant life in Me which is far more precious than silver or gold. Ah, that all would dive in deep; what about you, what will you do? Come taste and see that I am good, find the joys of a life surrendered to Me.
It Is Time
I am here, poised to burst forth in your midst, waiting for the invitation to do so. Are you ready? Are you waiting in My presence – soaking, becoming saturated in the Water of Life that will bring forth what has been buried and dormant for a while? It is time!
Do You Believe
Do you believe? Do you believe I love you? I do. Do you believe I’m good? I am. Do you believe I’m for you? I am. Do you believe I will do it? I will. Do you believe I am coming? I am. Do you believe in me like I believe in you? You should.
 Hear My whispers, don’t be anxious, I am here – you are not alone in this situation. I know it does not seem fair what you are enduring and your right, it isn’t. Let my grace be sufficient to carry you, let my love cradle you and comfort your hurting heart. Let my joy fill you and strengthen you for each new day. Don’t hold on to the injustice, it will only weigh you down, let my righteousness fill you and be the wind beneath your wings to raise you to new heights. As you react with a different spirit than those who attack you – hot coals will be heaped upon them. They will know I am in you, that I am your victor and the victory you walk in. Be strong and of good courage, the final battle will be yours. Grace and peace to you my beloved one.
Ready? I am! I am ready to move as you have not seen before, I move among ready people, those with open eyes and hearts searching for Me, desiring something more than what they currently have; those who want personal revival, corporate revival, and a present day reformation. For those who are not content with the same old same old. Those who hunger and thirst for more, for Me, and will not be satisfied with day old manna. Today is a new day, yesterday is gone – never to be repeated, an open future awaits, occupy it and seize each new day as a new opportunity to go deeper than the day before, to knock on the door of what can be. Knock in faith with hope that this is the day of new beginning and that it will start with you, in you, and flow through you. Hunger and seek, never grow weary or satisfied that you stop coming to the well to drink.
Quiet Moment
As your heart is still and your anxious thoughts cease, and your spirit is quiet before Me – seeking to hear, I come gently to meet with you. Such times are not only precious to you, but to Me as well. I enjoy the quiet time with you, whether a word is spoken matters not, it is being together, heart to heart, spirit to spirit; in a time that transcends the need for words,  the language of love is expressed in a moment of silence.
Come in to the light, My Light, it’s where you are meant to be. In My light truth is known, all darkness has to flee. In My light there is no shadow cast over you, there is freedom and victory. In My light there is pure love, love that conquers all fear. Let the light of My love bathe you – setting you free to dance before Me, to dance as David danced. To dance a dance of celebration, of liberty, and joy; the dance of life found in Me. The dance that can only be danced as one is encased in the light of My loving presence.
Mosaic of Life
Listen to My heart, it calls to you, the one I love, the one I adore and cherish. You are special to Me, I rejoiced the day you came forth and took your first breath. I have watched over you in the joyful and difficult times of your life. I have been there rejoicing with you, as well as encouraging you to go on. It may be hard to believe My plans are for your good in the midst of a struggle, hold on to faith that I can work all things for good. One day you will see the mosaic of your life and notice the hard times are some of the most beautiful parts of the completed picture. Rejoice in this day for I am with you, nothing is escaping My attention.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           04/25/17
I’m calling you closer, closer to My heart. Come in abandonment before Me with no agenda and just let Me love you. Come hear My heart and the song I sing over you. Come closer, closer to My heart and know My great love for you, know my intents and plans, and let your heart be satisfied. Come closer, closer to My heart, My love.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  04/11/17
Don’t be anxious, it will not change the circumstances, but it does rob you of peace. Being anxious and worrying make it difficult for you to hear Me and what I want you to know about the situation. Be anxious for nothing, pray, trust in Me, keep hope alive; still your heart and listen to My voice. Let Me give you insights and wisdom to help you in troubling times.
Are you listening? I hear your questions and I am answering them; yet you do not seem to hear Me. Take a breath and be still for a moment; turn off the static noise of you anxious heart and tune your ears to the sound of My voice. When you let your heart become anxious and worried – with all your focus on the situation it is hard for you to hear Me. Trust Me, I love you, I am on your side and listening.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            03/22/17                                                                                                                                                                                           
Seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened; persistent action is behind both. How much do you want the Lord? Is it just enough to pray a token prayer now and then, or to engage in heartfelt persistence? Prayers that move you – move heaven.
My heart breaks at unrest; it steals life and joy. Discord tears down and apart the family. Oh that you, My children, would learn to live in peace, with eyes focused on Me, with the good of others forefront in your minds, putting away selfish desires and plans. What is the highest goal and purpose of your life? Is it My calling or your own plans? As you keep the focus on Me, seeking Me and My wisdom, I will liberally pour it out on you – your paths will be smoother, your heart content, and peace will be in your household.
                                                                                                                           Who I Am
Seek Me and I will reveal myself to you. It is not the collective wisdom of the masses who determine who I am. I am who I am, and the Holy Spirit reveals who I am. What Holy Spirit reveals and sheds light upon is found in My word, the Bible: He (Holy Spirit) illuminates Me in it giving clarity and insight into the meaning of what is written. Think you know Me? Wait and see who I reveal myself to be as you seek Me with all your heart.
 Live Fully
Come to Me and I will give you rest. I know the world wears you down and you become weary. As you sit with Me I will give you rest, I will refresh you and revive your spirit. Let me carry the burdens you were not meant to carry, let Me fill you with My peace and still your anxious heart. I want you to live fully – in freedom, not weighed down with unnecessary cares, trust Me to guide you through the troubled waters. As you trust in Me more fully, you will be able to enjoy life in a greater measure.
Child of Destiny
Child of destiny, I am calling you to come forth, to step out from the shadows, from behind the excuses, the lies you have believed about yourself, the fears and all that has held you back. You were made for more, oh so much more. I have had a plan for you before you were knit together in your mother’s womb. It is time to arise and walk into it, no longer held by those things you have been bound with, you are loosed. You have been given the keys and a message to carry, to proclaim. I have touched your vocal cords and claim them for My purpose, to release the words I put into your mouth; to proclaim the good news, the year of freedom and jubilee; to set the captives free. You are my chosen messenger, who better than one who was bound – now set free. Let freedom reign on your lips, in your heart, in your life, no longer returning to the former ways. There is a path before you where obstacles are being cleared, each step on it cause more to be removed. Each step of faith casts down strongholds that you will trample underfoot. Rise, oh child of mine, rise and walk as a  child of destiny. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Devotion 01/15/17
Time Has Come
The time has come for more, to step out of the comfort zone, from  desiring to just do for Me what you want, are good at, and are comfortable doing. Position yourself next to Me, align with My desires and plans. You can do the impossible not because you are already equipped and know how – but because I am able, and know how.    Recall how I filled Bezalel with my Spirit giving him great wisdom, ability and skill in constructing the tabernacle and all it contained; My Holy Spirit is within you. I choose to move through people to accomplish My will. I am looking for willing individuals. Will you be one?
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Devotion 01/14/17
Come in, I’ve been waiting for you. Glad you came to seek Me, to be in My presence as you begin your day. I have some things for you to know about what you will face today, not to make you afraid, instead  to encourage you, to let you know I am here, that you do not face it alone. I have a plan for you that will cause all to work out for the good. Here, let’s talk about it before you go so you are prepared. The battle on the surface will not seem like much, however the potential impact is great to some. Pray before you react and respond, let me fill your mouth with My words, your heart with My love and compassion, that life will come forth. You are My chosen vessel, one I am proud to use. Your heart for me is a delight; don’t lose your tenderness, your desire for more of me.
                                                                                                                                                                                                Devotion 01/13/17
Flow With Me
Hear the wind blowing in the leaves? They are completely surrendered to where the wind takes them; just like the leaves – also be willing to go without resistance where my Holy Spirit leads you. A fresh wind (move) is coming to take you where we have not gone before – if you are willing to flow with it and let it take you. You do not need to fear what I am doing. You need to protect the purity of My move, it is not for show or our   self-glory, it is for Mine. Let Me move unhindered showing my glory, releasing signs and wonders. The Acts Church was not just for yesterday, but for today. Are you hungry for it?
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Devotion 01/12/17
God Squad
Willing hearts is what I long for, what I will use. Those hearts bowed in submission to a higher purpose and calling. Those who say yes and are willing before they even know the assignment; those who desire to be used however I want. These are the hearts that further My kingdom. They are the God Squad, ready for  assignment at any moment. They are a force to be reckoned with; nothing can stand in their way. Their eyes and ways are set like flint on me, not being swayed by what surrounds them. They are My mighty men (and women), who will accomplish great feats; no weapon formed against them will stand, they will overcome and be victorious for I am their God and they are in my service.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Devotion 01/11/17
Not Done
I’m not done with you yet! I’ve been waiting for the moment to speak, when you are silent and ready to listen. I will not compete with all you let occupy your mind. I whisper gently calling to you, waiting for you to hear and turn your attention towards me. Now that I have it let me tell you how much I love you, how you are my heart’s desire. I long to be with you every moment of the day; you are my first thought – I long to be yours. I invite you to sit with me awhile. I have plans for you to know about, you still have a future, one with hope. It doesn’t matter what has happened to you or your errors, I am bigger than them all. I can use them and you for my glory, if you will allow me to. Hear my words precious one, let me love you and make myself known to you in new ways; let me revive you – body, soul, and spirit; let me breathe fresh life into you.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Devotion 01/10/17
The Invitation
The Spirit says come, come before the King of kings, the Lord of all, the Great and Holy One. Bow before Him and give the reverence He is due, do not withhold your praises, the adoration’s of your lips. He is worthy to be exalted, do not remain silent. Your praises release the fragrance of heaven, it opens the doors of blessings, it invites the   presence of the Lord to move among you. Praises from the heart is powerful, it causes the captive to be set free, bondages to break, your spirit to be open to commune with Me. Your praises are a mighty weapon causing your adversaries to flee. Your worship, pure worship of the heart, is what heaven longs to hear. It is what changes the atmosphere, it invites the angelic host to join in. It sets in motion the deep desires of your heart to be fulfilled. Oh bow your hearts before the   Holy One and withhold not your heartfelt praises, let them forever be on your lips.
                                                                                                                                                                        Devotion 01/09/17
Flow With Me
oil-lamp-onlineHear the wind blowing in the leaves? They are completely surrendered to where the wind takes them; be also willing to go without resistance where the My Holy Spirit leads you. A fresh wind is coming to take you where you have not gone before – if you are willing to let it take you, willing to flow with it. You do not need to fear what I am in. Protect the purity of My move. It is not for show or your self-glory, it is for mine. Let Me move unhindered showing My glory, releasing signs and miracles. The Acts Church was not just for yesterday, but for today. Are you hungry for it?
Heart Beat
You are My heart’s desire, a treasure, one of great price which I willingly paid. Take my hand, let me show you the desire of my heart – do you see your reflection? All I have done – I have done for you, all with you on my mind. I extend my hand to you, a hand of love, of friendship, help, support, guidance and so much more. Take my hand; let me draw you in closer to Me, closer to my heart. Do you feel its beat, it beats for you, it beats with the tune of an intimate love song. Come let me lavish my love upon you and wrap you in My glory. Let me drape you in love and kindness, grace and mercy. Let me fill you with peace and joy unspeakable. Let me put my mark upon you that all the world will know you are mine, that you are My beloved.
Hunger, do you feel it? Is it there? A hunger for the more of God. For a baptism of fire, for a life changing encounter that is undeniable; one that alters the course of a life. Ordinary is not where you are meant to be, extraordinary awaits those with a deep hunger, an unquenchable thirst, and passion for the more of God.
I am there in the storm, in the middle of the night, at noon day so bright. You may not know or sense Me but I am there, just a whisper away. You can call on Me at any time and be assured I hear you. In my sovereignty I may not answer when and how you want, just hold on, keep your faith and hope, my ways and plans are perfect. You may not understand here and now why I did not seem to answer, yet one day you will see how my hand was in it, and the bigger plan. Faith, Hope and Love – never let them depart from you.
I’ve Seen
I love you with an everlasting love, you are Mine. I called you to myself and rejoiced the day you came. I take such delight in you, from your very first step at conversion, to your learning to walk, then running after My heart. I have seen the mountains and valleys you have gone through to know who I am and understand My ways. You desire to be like my Son, to walk in My ways, surrendering all, forsaking all, for the greater prize. It is My heart’s pleasure to give you what you desire, for you desire a good thing.
In the day of trouble I am your refuge, your shield. Strengthen yourself in Me, my words are as honey, let them refresh you. Meditate upon them and let them be life to you. Faint not, I am for you, though you face adversities I am with you in the midst, focus on Me – not the storm. Know and understand that in Me, you are an overcomer, a victor.
I am your covering, don’t leave home without Me. Wrap yourself in My grace, My love, My peace. Wear them as adornments; they are as a crown of jewels upon your head; signs of your royal priesthood. A mark of one being in My presence. Let the fragrance of heaven permeate you, then emanate out filling the nostrils of those who draw near. You may be the only touch of heaven some feel in this day. Do not be afraid to shine in the dimly lit places you may find yourself, you carry the hope others are looking for, let Me be seen through you that they may find Me.   
Unconditional Love
I am the God of the universe; I am sovereign in all my ways. I can be trusted and depended on. I’m true to my word. I have not and will not fail you or leave you. My Son gave his all for you; I allowed this because of my great love for you. If I allowed Him to go through what he did, surely I would not abandon you now. There is nowhere you can go that I am not, no action I will not forgive for those who come with an open repentant heart and yielded spirit. My desire is to be with you now and in eternity, to pour out my love on you, show you my good plans and have a personal intimate relationship with you.
The doors are open come on in. I am always happy to see you, sit with Me for a while, lay down your cares, set the busyness aside and just be with Me. Remember the day we first met and you invited Me in – I do; it was a special day and heaven rejoiced. It has been an adventure since that first day and we’re only getting started. Take My hand and let’s continue on, more awaits. Pause
love-seat-in garden-My Child, I hear your voice filled with praise. Come closer, let me look upon you, you are the delight of My heart. I enjoy these times together when you are not rushing off into your day, but take time to talk with Me. Pause now and hear My voice, I love you, I desired and planned for you from the very beginning. I have special plans for you, you are my special child, unique in your ways, you are one of a kind. You touch and impact lives in ways others cannot. The world, your family, your church and your community need your unique set of gifts, calling and equipping, just as you need theirs. You were meant to need each other, to be as one family, one church, one body. In this you more fully reflect My multiple facets to the world. You were also meant to live life with Me, not apart, so I am thrilled when you are still and turn your thoughts, desires and affection towards Me, longing to know My ways, My thoughts, My desires, My heart. There is a lifetime of knowing, growing and learning open to you, there is no final degrees, no BA, Masters or PHD. What you gain does not end at your last breath, it’s good for eternity. Come, be still, sit a while with Me and know Me.                          
Rock StepsHold on, I’m calling you. Are you ready? I sense an excitement within you, a longing, a desire, all for Me. When you’re ready to step out from where you are there is more than you have imagined waiting and I’ll be there to go with you into the new adventures of life, whether it be in your own neighborhood or beyond. It just takes a willing heart and feet. You won’t regret saying yes, granted it may not be all thrills and easy, but will be worth it. You were meant for more than an ordinary life, the more comes when you join in co-labor with Me. Doors and windows will open you have not seen before, divine encounters and opportunities await you. Trust me, take my hand, let’s begin – one step, one yes, at a time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     07/07/16
Heart Mender
heart fires of love - onlineBring your heart to me, all the broken and bruised pieces. Lay them out before me – everyone, I’ll put the pieces back together if you’ll let me, I know the way, I am the original designer. You don’t need to carry the hurt, the pain, sorrow and sufferings, it’s been long enough. Your heart was not meant to carry such heavy weights; they cause cracks and fissures, dark spots and even hardness of heart. Release them to me then let your heart and spirit carry My joy, peace, and love, they are light as a feather and add no stress. A heart at rest, at peace, gives life to your body, a twinkle to your  eye, a joyous song in your spirit.
Listen to the Spirit
Dove and featherTo those who have ears let him hear what the Spirit says; I am with you, I am here for you, do not ignore me or turn a deaf ear. I have much to say, to impart to you. My instructions are for your benefit. I have come to show you a better way. Do you not desire Me, do you not feel an unction within your spirit? I will not tarry forever, today is a day of visitation, an appointed time. Let your ears be opened to hear the sound of my voice, receive my words with gladness, they are life giving to those who receive them, who hold them dear as a treasure, who realize their value and heed  there counsel.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             06/21/16
Mending - onlineThere is life beyond the hurt and pain, broken trusts and torn hearts. Each one is mended with love by the, Great Mender, who meticulously and carefully mends each one as we offer them to Him, then release our grip – leaving them in His hands.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    06/02/16
sundial- onlineYou seek Me early. Do you also seek Me late in the day? Begin, but also end your day with Me. Remember, I‘m there in the middle of the day also. A Kit Kat bar isn’t the perfect break time enjoyment – I am. Snickers bars aren’t what will revive you – I will. Anytime is the right time for time with Me.
Look Up
Bengal Cat iWhy do you worry about the small things? Don’t you know I’ve got them, they are in My hand? Look beyond them to the bigger picture; what do you see there? Do you see Me, see My plans, see what I have for you? There is so much more to see when you look up. I have not told you to cast all your cares on Me for no reason, they weigh you down, keep you hunched over so you do not see what I have ahead for you. You are lost in the small stuff which bogs you down. There is more, there is light at the end of the tunnel, there is hope. Where you are now is not where you will always be once you look up, see Me, and let me guide you through and beyond your current situation.
 Living Water
cross of lightCome to the well and dip, drink long and deep of the Living Water, there is no shortage of supply. The living water is for my children, partakers in the divine knowledge and understanding of who I am. I am eternal and everlasting, I am ever present and here for you. Call upon Me in the day of distress, in that day you will find Me. I will invite you in to come and partake of the water that you may be strengthened, sustained, and revitalized in order to carry on. Venture not from the well of Living Water for it is your life source.
You do not need to fear what is ahead; fear is from the enemy to try and stop you. My word is go, but don’t go it alone – take Me with you. I know the way, the pitfalls, and undertows, I will guide you through.Life Standard
Stock ImageA standard, as you set the standards of your life may they be based on My holy word; words that bring life and preserve it, words that set you on the right path leading to my door. Set standards for all areas of life; let them be high and uncompromising in the face of temptation and adversity. Let love be at the core and them be in harmony with Me. It’s not just about avoiding wrongs, the evils in life, but living well with a heart after me.
Write the Dream!
scroll and penWrite it, write it big, don’t let it out of your sight, keep the vision clear. Voice it, let it take life. Don’t hide the dream under a basket, don’t put it into the back of the closet, bring it out into the light. Life and dreams flourish in the Light. Let faith and hope arise once more, don’t let fear crowd it out, or shame throw a blanket over it, hold them up to Me. Let Me breathe life into them. Hold tight to the desires of your heart, don’t let them slip through your fingers. Don’t let the logical and reasonable steal your unfettered childlike faith that all things are possible in Me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     04/30/16