The Prayer and Healing Ministry team is available to pray with you each Sunday morning, 9:15 – 10:00 a.m., regarding any need you have.
We believe that Jesus Christ is our healer and we minister in His name. We are a prayer ministry; we are not Dr’s, Counselors, Prophets or anything other than a group of individuals who want to join forces with you in prayer for whatever your need may be. We are not afraid to take on any physical issue, because we recognize it is not us but the Lord who is doing the healing work. You may think it’s only a headache or toothache, I don’t want to bother them for that, or that other people need prayer more than me. You know what; headaches/toothaches are no fun; they hurt; come let us pray with you. If you think something is too big such as diabetes, cancer, back issues, addictions, not just alcohol or drugs, it could be to food, tobacco, internet or to anything else that you can’t control and you want freedom, nothing is too difficult for our God.

In the healing room we want to provide a loving, safe, small group environment where you feel comfortable, understood and cared for.

Inner-Healing (Prayer for emotional wounds that hinder) is by appointment below.